Wilhelm Steinitz

A Steinitz Timeline

This page offers an outline of Steinitz's activities and career, from birth to death. These bare facts will be increased in number until, in theory, his whereabouts can be established for almost any date. One goal is to develop a reference to crosscheck any new Steinitz game that appear, but the outline is interesting in itself.

* May 14th: Wilhelm Steinitz born in Prague

* Moves from Prague to Vienna
* Attends fall semester at the Polytechnischen Institut

* Third Place in Vienna Tournament

* Second Place in Vienna Tournament

* First Place in Vienna Tournament

* Moves from Vienna to England, the Austrian delegate to the London 1862 Tournament
* June 16th-August 2nd: London International, Sixth Place
* August: Match with Serafino Dubois, winning 5-3 with one draw
* December-January 1863: Match with Blackburne, winning 7-1 with 2 draws

* March: Match with Deacon, winning 5-1
* May: Match with Mongredien, winning 7-0
* December-January 1864: Match with V. Green, winning 7-2

* Match with an amateur at odds of a Knight, Mr. Purssell's Chess Rooms, Cornhill

* November: First Place in Dublin tournament
* December: Match with Cecil de Vere, Steinitz gives pawn and move, losing
* Match with Robey, winning 4-1 with no draws

* June: First Place London International
* July 18th-August 10th: Match with Anderssen, winning 8-6 with no draws (Steinitz wins £100)
* September: Match with Bird, winning 7-5 with 5 draws

* January: Match with G. B. Fraser at Dundee, Steinitz gives pawn and move, winning 7-1 with 1 draw
* September: Match with Fraser, winning 3-1 with 2 draws
* June: First Place Paris International, 16-3 with 3 draws
* September: Second Place Dundee International, 7-2 with no draws
* September: Ties for 1st and 2nd Dundee Handicap, 3-0 with 2 draws
* Named honorary member of the City of London Chess Club

* November-January 1869: First Place in British Chess Association Handicap Tournament, 5-0 with no draws
* Blindfold match with Blackburne against amateurs and one another

* May: Match with Blackburne, winning 1 with 1 draw
* June-July 18th: Second Place in Baden-Baden Tournament, 11-4 with 3 draws

* November-April 1872: Wins the City of London Handicap (12-0 with no draws) and placed on the committee of the club

* June: First Place in British Chess Association Congress, 7-0 with 1 draw
* July 20th: Steinitz and Zukertort play Wisker and De Vere
* July 22nd: Wisker and Taylor play Horwitz and Steinitz
* August 6th-September 5th: Match with Zukertort, winning 7-1 with 4 draws (Steinitz wins £20)
* November 5th: Wins 20 and draws 2 simultaneous games at the City of London Chess Club
* November 5th: Steinitz plays 22 games simultaneously at the City of London Chess Club winning 20 and drawing 2

* July 19th: Arrives in Vienna, plays the consultation game Anderssen, Paulsen and Rosenthal winning against Bird, Blackburne and Steinitz
* July 21st-August 29th: The Vienna International tournament games begin; Steinitz takes first place winning 20-2 with 5 draws
* Steinitz writes Chess columns in the Figaro (for eight years) and London Field (November 1873-August 1882)
* September: Played in the Hague

* October: Steinitz wins as member of City of London Chess Club against Bremondsey Chess Club
* Steinitz and Potter defeat the Vienna team, 1872-1874 in a two game telegraph match between London and Vienna.
* Plays in London, Oxford, Leeds, Nottingham, Cambridge, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester

* January: Steinitz elected to the City of London Chess Club Committee
* February 2nd: Steinitz wins 4 and loses 1 and 2 are incomplete in simultaneous blindfold games at Oxford University Chess Club. Then takes all comers and wins all games but two
* May: Zukertort and Steinitz play all comers at the Counties Chess Association; they also draw a blindfold game against each other and play 5 other blindfold games
* June: Wins sixteen of seventeen games with one abandoned at City of London Chess Club
* Plays in London, Oxford, Kensington, Glasgow

* January: Match with Blackburne, winning 7-0 with no draws (Steinitz wins £60)
* July 24th: Steinitz and Zukertort draw Blackburne and Potter in an informal game

* Boden, Steinitz and Zukertort named honorary members of the St. George's Chess Club
* April 10th and 11th: Steinitz wins 31 of 32 simultaneous games with one unfinished at Burton-on-the-Trent
* April 19th: Wins 16 of 19 simultaneous games at Norwich

* January: Steinitz plays 3, 4, and 16 games (simultaneously) over three days at Hereford Club

* April: Plays Clerc and Arnous de Riviere in consultation at Paris
* April 29th: Wins the first two of five games (blindfold but with draw odds) against Dr. Meitner at Vienna
* May: Elected honborary member of the University Chess Club of Oxford
* May 10th: Plays 4 games (simultaneously) and 19 games the next day at Hereford
* May 10th-June 18th: Vienna International (double round robin), Steinitz in third place at the end of first round of games (Mackenzie and Winawer, 12; Steinitz, 11½ ), but ultimately ties for 1st-2nd places. Steinitz and Winawer draw in a play off match for first place, sharing 2,000 Austrian gulden and 1,000 Gold francs for first and 2,500 francs for second place. Mason was third Mackenzie and Zukertort tie for fourth, and Blackburne was 6th
* October 25th-November 7th: Leaves England for America from Liverpool on the 3,104 ton Indiana of the American Steamship Company through bad weather and heavy storms, arriving late
* November 8th: Plays game with Thompson winning at Philadelphia, Irving House
* November 13th-27th: Two matches with D. M. Martinez; winning first match 7-0 playing for $250 a side, winning second match with 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw
* Steinitz plays simultaneously against 30 players winning 27, with two draws, losing to Sellman's father
* November 24th: Draws Walter Penn Shipley in a game after 5 hours of play
* December: Match with Alexander G. Sellman in Baltimore (winning two hard fought games with two draws) the last game had to be called, for Steinitz was due to leave for New Orleans
* December 28th-January 28th 1883: Plays in New Orleans Chess Club for $600, wins all 22 simultaneous games, and visits Morphy

* February 7th: Match with Capt Mackenzie, winning 3-1 with 2 draws
* February 14th: Plays 28 games simultaneously, after 7½ hours winning 21-3 with 4 draws
* February 17th: Plays 4 blindfold games simultaneously as well as a rubber of whist, loses one game of chess
* February 28th: Departs for Cuba with de Visser
* March: Plays match with Judge Celso Golmayo, winning 8 of 10 games at the Union Club. Steinitz receives $500
* March: Match with Martinez, winning 9-0 with 2 draws
* March 27th: Returns to New York and leaves for Europe on the Abyssinia
* April 26th-May 23rd: London International, Steinitz takes 2nd Place (18-7 with 7 draws) with Zukertort 1st and Blackburne 3rd
* July 8th-September 7th: Steinitz writes Chess column for Ashore or Afloat. Leaves soon after for the United States
* October 14th: Steinitz residence is given as New York
Plays in Philadelphia for 45 days

* February: Plays at Manhattan Chess Club
* March 1st: Attends the yearly banquet of the Manhattan Chess Club, along with Zukertort
* Plays two weeks in Philadelphia for $200 per week
* Plays two weeks at the Manhattan Chess Club for $200
* November 27th: Winning 21 of 22 simultaneous games with one draw at the Manhattan Chess Club

* January: The first edition of the International Chess Magazine, Steinitz is the editor
* February 28th: Annual dinner of the Manhattan Chess Club held at Martinelli's Restaurant, Fifth Ave. and 16th Street; Steinitz, Mackenzie, and Perrin are honorary members
* March 22nd: gives blindfold exhibition at Turnhalle, 66 East 4th Street with 100 spectators
* November: (Thanksgiving day) gives simultaneous exhibition of 25 games at the Manhattan Chess Club

* January 7th: Zukertort and Steinitz attend the annual meeting of the Manhattan Chess Club and the dinner of the New York Chess Club
* January 11th: World Championship match begins in New York
* January 30th: Steinitz and Zukertort travel together to St. Louis
* February 3rd: World Championship resumes at the Hall of the Harmonic Club
* February 27th: The World Championship match moves to New Orleans
* March 29th: Steinitz wins the match 10-5 with 5 draws, and receives $1,000 of $4,000 stake
* April: Simultaneously defeats all 19 players at the Danites Chess Club, Brooklyn
* Simultaneously defeats all 19 players at the Chess Club connected with the German Turnhalle
* October 6th: Steinitz applies for American Citizenship
* November: Wins all 12 simultaneous games at Brooklyn Chess Club

* February 11th: Simul at the Brooklyn Chess Club, 11-0 with no draws "...including an extra one on one of the boards."
* February 15th: Arrives in Havana to join Capt Mackenzie who had already arrived on the 6th
* February 29th-March 22nd: Plays serious competition, simultaneous and blindfold games at Havana
* March: Match with Vasquez, winning 5-0 with no draws
* March: Match with Golmayo, winning 5-0 with no draws
* March: Match with Ponce, winning 4-1 with no draws
* March 27th: Returns home to Brooklyn
* November 23rd: Steinitz becomes an American citizen at the Kings County Court in Brooklyn; Henry Moore was the County Judge with Perrin as witness and acquaintance

* January: Steinitz leaves for Havana to play Tschigorin a Match for the World Championship
* January 20th-February 24th: The match begins. Tschigorin collects $600 from the members of the St. Petersburg Club which is matched for Steinitz by subscribers in Havana and the amateurs in Cuba, who in addition to that, collected $400 more for each of the players, on top of free passage from and to New York to Havana, $250 player fee for each, and $20 for the winner of each game and $10 for the loser
* Steinitz wins 10-6 with 1 draw; there being only three games left Steinitz was declared the winner. The remaining three games were played by Steinitz and Dr. Gavilan against Tschigorin and Ponce on the other side. Each team wins one game with one draw. Steinitz also receives 300 Francs from Prince Dadian of Mingrelia for the most brilliant game
* January: Match with Carvajal winning 4-1 with no draws
* February 27th: Steinitz plays 20 games simultaneously, winning all in less than three hours
* March 3rd: Plays 8 blindfold games simultaneously, winning 5 and losing 2
* March 7th: Leaves Havana
* March 11th: Arrives New York
* March 25th: Attends American Chess Congress in New York as journalist and observer
* June: Publishes Part I of Modern Chess Instructor

* September: Takes up residence in Upper Montclair
* October 23rd-April 1891: Two game Cable match with Tschigorin, for $750. Steinitz loses both
* December 9th-January 27th: Match with Gunsberg for the World Championship and a sum of $1,500. Steinitz wins 6-4 with 9 draws

* April: Publishes the book of the Sixth American Chess Congress

* January 4th-Feb 28th: Second Match with Tschigorin in Havana, Steinitz wins 10-8 with 5 draws (Steinitz's Havana friends backing him for $2,000 in gold)
* April: Steinitz gives Pillsbury odds pawn and move at Boston, Pillsbury wins two out of three
* April: Steinitz plays 20 simultaneous games, and loses one of them to Pillsbury

* November 13th: Plays 16 simultaneous games in Montreal, one contestant was Frank James Marshall

* January: Plays simultaneous exhibition against almost 200 players on 25 boards at the Newark Chess Club, the play lasted till after midnight, Steinitz loses one to Driscoll with four draws, but wins all the others
* January 31st: Plays eight of the strongest players of the Newark Chess Club
* March 16th-May 20th: Match with Lasker for the World Championship, at the Union Square Hotel in New York, then Philadelphia and Montreal, for a stake of $2,250 to the winner. Lasker wins 10, loses 5, and draws 4
* October 21st-November 14th: New York City Chess Tournament, Steinitz wins 1st place ($125) with 8½ points out of 10 games, ahead of Pillsbury, Showalter, and Albin (This is the last time Steinitz would win first place.)

* Publishes Part Two, Section 1 of The Modern Chess Instructor
* August 5th-September 2nd: Hastings International (Pillsbury 1st, Tschigorin 2nd, Lasker 3rd, Tarrasch 4th, and Steinitz 5th)
* August 17th: Steinitz wins first Brilliancy Price for his game against Kurt von Bardeleben
* November 13th: Played 11 games simultaneously at the Grand Cercle des Echecs in Paris
* November 26th: Played 34 games simultaneously in Berlin, losing one and drawing 2
* December 1st-January 17th 1896: St. Petersburg (Six game round robin with Lasker, Pillsbury, Tschigorin, and Steinitz) 1st Prize of £50, 2nd place £30, 3rd place £20, and 4th place £10, and in addition each player would receive £4 for a won game, £1 for a lost game and £2 for a drawn game (Lasker takes 1st place and Steinitz 2nd)

* January 17th: Before leaving St. Petersburg Steinitz plays 27 simultaneous games, winning 16, with 11 incomplete due to lateness of the hour
* January: (at the end of the month) Steinitz visits Riga
* February 5th: Plays one game each with Solovtsev and Levitsky, winning both
* February 6th: Plays the team of Pavlov-Levitsky and wins on the 56th move
* February 7th: Plays 20 games simultanously and 1 game blindfold against the blind player E. I. Shabelsky, winning 18-3, including the one against Shabelsky
* February 9th, 10th, and 12th: Steinitz gives more simultaneous exhibitions at Riga
* February 21st-April 2nd: Steinitz plays a match with Schiffers at Rostov (400 rubles for the winner and 200 rubles for the loser and traveling expenses for a total of 2,000 rubles pledged to finance this match). Steinitz wins 6-4 with 1 draw
* April 20th: Steinitz plays 30 games simultaneously at St. Petersburg, winning 23 and drawing the rest
* April: Wins 16 out of 21 simultaneous games at Madgeburg and in Leipzig wins 15 games with 3 draws
* May 6th: Plays simultaneous exhibition in Hilversum
* May 7th: Plays simultaneous exhibition in Rotterdam
* May 8th: Plays simultaneous exhibition in Haarlem
* May 11th: Plays in Leyden (played 119 on four dates, winning 102, losing 7, and drawing 10)
* July 12th: Plays in Hamburg, winning 15 out of 18 simultaneous games
* July 20th-August 11th: Nuremberg International (Steinitz placed 6th for 400 Marks, Lasker won 1st for a trophy, souvenir plate, and 4,000 Marks. Maroczy was 2nd place, Pillsbury and Dr. Tarrasch shared 3rd and 4th place)
* August 17th: Plays 21 games simultaneously at the Cafe Augusta in Augsburg, with one draw and no losses
* November 7th-January 14th: Second match with Lasker for the World Championship at Moscow (the winner to receive 2,000 rubles and the loser 1,000 rubles in addition to room, board, and travel expenses) Lasker wins 10-2 with 5 draws

* February 9th: Taken to the hospital in Moscow
* February 11th: Placed in a private asylum (the Morosov Clinical Hospital for the Insane)
* March 12th: Released from care
* March 16th: Leaves Moscow for Vienna
* March 20th: Arrives in Vienna
* April 11th: Steinitz agrees to play 30 games simultaneously, but only 22 opponents volunteer, winning 17, losing 2, with 3 draws
* May 21st: Daily edition of the New York Times quotes Steinitz as saying he was not insane (Steinitz has left Vienna for Berlin, and finally arrived back in the United States at this time)
* May: Plays 3 simultaneous blindfold games at the Metropolitan Chess Club
* May: Plays 18 games simultaneously at the Cosmopolitan Club, winning all but three draws
* August 11th: The Staats Zeitung Chess Cup. Steinitz represented the Staten Island Club, Lipschutz the Manhattan, and Napier the Brooklyn Club, the smallest tournament for the cup ever held. Steinitz and Lipschuetz tie with 2½, but Steinitz finally wins by forfeit after a dispute over the rules of the match

* May 31st to July 30th: The Fourth Kaiser – Jubilee Vienna International (players included Tarrash, Blackburne, Pillsbury, Maroczy, Alapin, Burn, Schiffers, Showalter, Schlechter, Tschigorin, Janowski, Bardeleben, and others). The official title of the tournament was "The Imperial Jubilee International Chess Tourney" held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the regime of Kaiser Franz Joseph (each contestant played 36 games with 19 players). Steinitz places fourth, Tarrasch takes 1st Place after a play off match with Pillsbury. Steinitz receives 1,500 Kronen, or $375 in 1898 dollars
* August 1st-19th: The 11th German Chess Congress at Cologne. Steinitz places 5th and Burn wins 1st place
* October: Steinitz returns to the United States on board the Campania and plays 4 games simultaneously blindfold, winning them all while in transit

* April: Plays 16 games simultaneously at the Brooklyn Chess Club winning 14 and losing 2
* May-July: London International. Lasker wins first, and a brilliancy prize for his win over Steinitz, while Steinitz does not place among the leaders for the first time in his life. Also playing were Tschigorin, Blackburne, Pillsbury, Bird, Tarrasch, Schlechter and Mason (Steinitz tied for 10th-11th)
* October 16th: Arrives back in New York on board the Oceanic

* February 8th: Admitted to Bellevue Hospital Insane Pavillion
* February 12th: Taken to the Manhattan State Hospital for the Insane on Ward's Island
* April: Transfered to River Crest, a private asylum in Astoria
* April: Released to Mrs. Steinitz's care
* April 27th: Readmitted to Bellevue
* August 12th: (Sunday) Steinitz dies at Bellevue